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You won't find any snooze fest videos here!

Our online courses and tutorials highlights folks who are out there in the real world using these tools on the daily. We listened to what topics and tools are most in demand and then put together tutorials and courses that will help you get the job done!


We make sure that tutorials include useful information with a little pep in their step.

Our contributors are hustling IRL in the field so you can expect relevant topics and teachings.

Topics and courses that are prevalent in many job postings so you can advance your career.

You will also have the option to purchase individual courses on topics like digital marketing or programming skills like Python. We also have a membership option that gives you full access to all The Data Collective's tutorials and courses!

Courses Available:

  • Python

  • Tableau

  • SQL

  • Google Analytics

  • VBA

  • Digital Marketing

  • Excel

  • and more!

To get started, click the cute little button below.

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a sneak peak

Get a sneak peak at what we are teaching below. It was important to make complex ideas, simple and boring tasks, fun.

Our instructors work with interesting data sets and share their knowledge on best practices based on the REAL WORLD, no matter what your job title. 

Start learning now to feel more confident about your resume and while working on projects.

Digital Marketing Sample Video
SPSS Sample Video v2
Excel Sample Video
Excel Sample Video DK
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