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My Attempt to Convince You to Learn GTM

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Good Question.

So If you are in website development or digital analytics this might be all old news for you. But for those of you who dabble in many things (i.e. digital marketer, small business owner, jack of all trades), here are 6 reasons to try and convince you why you should learn Google Tag Manager.

What is Google Tag Manager you ask?? It's a TMS (or tag management system), which means it's adds some code into the infrastructure of your website to allow added functionality and tracking to your site. (Hello pixels!)

So still need convincing? Here's my 6 reasons why you should learn GTM!

Number 1 - you aren't a developer!

We can't all be coding geniuses. And if that isn't the primary function of your job, prob not necessary to become one. Work smart not hard remember. There definitely is a learning curve to GTM, but it's much smaller than the overall complexity of the task.

Number 2 - you love getting access to data

This is what really motivates me. Getting access to data is like 🎄 Christmas morning 🎄for data analysts. Often when I'm working with new small business owners, they don't have Google Analytics set up yet. So, duh, let's do that first. But then you still don't get all that nitty gritty data - like HOW MANY PEOPLE CLICKED THIS BUTTON WE THOUGHT SEEMED REALLY USEFUL?! GTM is basically a way to customize what data you can get access to.

Number 3 - it easily connects with your Google Analytics

Website tracking and reporting is important in MOST businesses. Google Analytics is a very popular option for that and since they are both Google products - they are made to go hand in hand. One less annoying integration that you have to figure out!

Number 4 - Quick Deployment!

Basically you get to avoid the middle man and remove the verification/testing stage of traditional tag deployment. You need a tag, you go into GTM and in a few quick steps you have a tag!

Number 5 - Versions

Just in case you don't know what you're doing and need to fix it

Honestly this made me feel way less nervous about getting started. The thought of messing up something on a client's website is terrifying. You get a big undo button and don't have to worry about not being able to easily reverse your changes.

Number 6 - You love free things

It's zero dollars. Enough said, right?


Now that I've tackled all the reasons why you might have been avoiding GTM, there's no reason not to start learning how to use Google Tag Manager rn.

Sarah Anne Brewer - a digital marketer, taught our GTM Data Collective course and trust me - it's better than what else is out there. No oddly skipped steps that make the rest of the tutorial make no sense. You'll learn about setting up GTM from

the get go, what tags and triggers are, and also about making social tags.

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