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Let's Go Hands AND Mouse Free

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

You know that saying... the one about working smart and not working hard.

Yes? Well, we are all about it

And it doesn't mean we aren't hard workers. We just like to be as efficient as possible, okur?

The more shortcuts you use, the quicker you can do things like cuddle with your dog, start on your next puzzle, or make your next TikTok video.

Download our favorite Excel shortcuts to put in your handy dandy fannypack. 

So snap on your favorite 'belt bag' and let's go hands-free AND mouse-free.


Download our list right below here!

DBD Excel Functions and Commands
Download XLSX • 16KB

****And let us know any of your favorites that we missed,

so we can give future #datalovers the best list possible!****

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