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Hidden Gems to Rocking your Interview

*From a very personal POV*

Hey y’all!

It’s Ayme, pleasure to meet you.💕 Crazy how this past year has gone by so fast, right?

Well, I’ve been thinking, some of you may be here to learn new skills, reinforce them and some of you are here to spice up that resume. Given that, I wanted to show you my personal tricks and tips for job interviews.

(You got this.)

So, let’s get it going.

1. Actually ✨Research✨ and Act on It.

I'm sure you've heard that researching the company is Interviewing Prep 101, but do you really know what to do with that info?

Here’s the thing... what’s going to set you apart from other candidates is actually knowing how to use the info during the interview.

Get to know, but most importantly, understand the company’s mission, values and business goals. Then think about ideas and strategies that can contribute to all of these if you are hired. Place as much importance on these aspects as the company does. Also, think of past experiences that resonate with these.

In your responses show how you will have the drive and determination to uphold and accomplish their mission, values, and goals.

2. Get your pen and paper ready.

Time to get your notepad and fav color pen out! *Got my pink one out already* 😉

While prepping, I start by writing out some stand-out skills I believe go best with the position I am applying for. The key is not stating whether you are “detail-oriented”, “organized”, “fast learner”, etc. The key is to tell the recruiter instances where this skill helped you achieve a goal.

And this might go both ways. Let’s say you are asked to state a time where you made a mistake and how you fixed it. Well, here is a great time to let the recruiter know how you mastered that skill while learning from your own mistakes. Let them know how coachable and self-sufficient you are.

Reading this over and over helps me brainstorm more and more, placing different question scenarios in my head to be ready for any and ALL questions that may be asked during the interview.

3. Slow down girly, there’s no rush.

The most frightening thing about an interview, for me at least, is the thought of going completely blank. I could be the most qualified candidate, but I’m always afraid this might get to me! This for sure has happened to me once or twice, so here’s how I conquer this insecurity.

Take your time while answering every question, there is *literally* no rush! By this I mean, inhale, exhale and relax. 🧘🏽‍♀️Slow down your pace, so if there is an instance where you find yourself not knowing what to say, you won’t look as if you’ve blanked out.

This could save you from a big one and really get your good communication skills across!

4. It’s time for - *The* Humble Brag!

Let’s get rid of that “being conceited” stereotype, it’s time to show-off and show-up!

This one is simple, brag about yourself! Tell the recruiter all about you, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

You might be afraid to sound a bit too braggy, so here’s our best advice: be yourself! Imagine as if you’re speaking to your best friend, but obviously more formal way, lol. Try and be personable while laying out all of what makes *you* the best candidate for the position.

For you extra humble ladies… maybe even go as far, as channeling your best friend while *she* is hyping you up.

Keep calm and show what an assertive and confident queen you are!💁‍♀️

5. Finally, Ask, ask, ask! Oh, and one more thing… Ask!

You know when you get to the end of the interview and the recruiter asks “Do you have any questions for me?” Here’s what you need to say every👏 single👏 time👏:

All jokes aside, it’s truly important to do so. You want to make sure you ask a question where it makes the interviewer “drop the pen” to start answering your question.

Make them react in a way where they are engaged and enjoying the conversation. This might help you become a memorable candidate (apart from all 1,000 other obvious reasons).

Here are some potential questions to ask:

  • What is next from this interview process?

  • What does a day in *blank* position looks like?

  • What is the most exciting part of being a part of your team?

  • Do you have any feedback for me?

These tips have really helped along my professional career, and now I hope they do the same to you! Feel free to comment down below any interview hacks you might have, we all need some help from time to time.

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