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Hello world. Ellan, here.

One of the OG Dumb Blondes

I would now say I'm a jack of many trades... master of some? My background is primarily in data analytics, market research, digital advertising and marketing. 

I have my bachelor's in something completely unrelated and then my MBA in marketing, however, I still learned most of my technical skills sets by myself from online courses and tutorials. I can't believe I even made it all the way through the videos tbh. Then once I was on the job, I couldn't apply what I learned. It became important to me to create videos that are engaging and taught by different faces with different backgrounds with LOTS of context that will actually help you at your J.O.B. 

So was born, Dumb Blonde Data. We created tutorials in the most requested topics. You'll see me pop up in there every once in a while, but The Data Collective was formed more to host other fabulous instructors. 

P.S. Is this too much pink for work?



We understand that the world of data can be confusing, boring, and even exclusionary. We totally get it because we’ve totally been there. That’s why we’re shaking things up. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed IRL and to add a little pizzaz to the process. So, jump in! We’re rooting for you. (Yes, you.) Think of us as your data happy place.

​​So we have partnered with some badass folks who are  using these tools and skills everyday in the real world. With different personalities, roles, and backgrounds you'll learn some actually usefully content in a much more relatable way.

We curate personalized, accessible learning for every experience level. And we package that information up in videos that are engaging and unexpected. 

It’s through this sharing of ideas and supportive learning that we provide a no-pressure community where you can be unapologetically you. It’s a space where you can learn without the fear of judgment getting in your way.

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